A humane education programme for children aged 4 and above
What is KinderPaws?

A canine-assisted programme that incorporates our trained therapeutic dogs to teach children about:

  • Dog bite prevention
  • How to be safe around unfamiliar dogs,
  • How to be kind and respectful towards animals and people
Who is KinderPaws for?

KinderPaws is for children aged 4 and above. Our KinderPaws programme can be run during school hours, during assembly, or as an enrichment programme!

Why choose KinderPaws?

1. Kinderpaws can teach children to interact with dogs in a safe and confident manner

  • In an increasingly urbanized city, and with a growing pet dog population, children are more likely to interact with dogs on a more frequent basis
  • More than 50% of dog bite victims are children, and most of the victims know the dog that bit them well
  • Dog bites can cause physical harm and lead to long-term psychological stress
  • Most of these dog bites occur because children do not know how to behave in a safe manner around dogs


2. Kinderpaws can help children to develop empathy towards animals and other people around them 

  • Empathy has been shown to be fundamental to a child’s psychological and social well-being
  • Research suggests that empathy is inversely related to violence and aggression
  • There is scientific evidence that canine-assisted programmes can help children develop empathy towards animals, with a generalisation to human-directed empathy

You may book a session for up to 60 minutes. The number of canine teams attending would depend on the size of your event and existing COVID-19 measures.


Please reach out to us at info@aai.sg for more information on our pricing structure.

How long will it take for you to confirm my session?

Once we have received your request for a session, we will try our best to reply to you within 2 working days. We try to finalise the number of teams 2 weeks prior to the session. 

Can you meet my requirements for each session?

Once we receive your request for a session, we will get in touch with you to discuss the details, such as the venue, number of participants and any other special requests. Please note that we are legally required to comply with the latest COVID-19 measures.

How much notice do I need to give prior to each session?

While we would appreciate at least 4 weeks notice, we will try our best to accommodate your requests.

What if some of us are allergic to dogs?

Our activities would take place in a common area, which may be indoors or outdoors. Individuals allergic to dogs are not encouraged to participate in our programme. However, we have had participants with allergies take an antihistamine prior to the start of the session.

Will the dogs make a mess of the place?

Prior to each session, the dogs will be walked, and relieved. Handlers will also observe their dogs to see if they require a toilet break during the session. Furthermore, the dogs are up to date on their vaccinations and parasite prevention treatments, and are required to be clean and presentable before attending each session.

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