Most dog bite victims are children, with bites most commonly occurring to the child’s face and neck. This can be avoided through the use of dog bite prevention programmes.
Paws! and be safe


Our “Paws and Be Safe” Programme brings our canine teams to schools, libraries, childcare centres, and homes with the aim of teaching children how to interact safely with dogs over 6 interactive lessons.  

The 6 sessions will cover topics including:

  • Greeting an unfamiliar dog 
  • Recognising dog facial expressions and body languages 
  • Learning when it is safe to interact with a dog 
  • Why dogs bite 
  • What to do if a dog runs up to you 

Other than keeping children safe in the presence of familiar and unfamiliar dogs, our “Paws and Be Safe” programme also helps children to foster empathy and skills in ascertaining a dog’s feelings through attention to its body language and behaviour. 



Each of the 6 sessions will last up to 60 minutes.


Please reach out to us at for more information on our pricing structure.

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