Nurstasha Arifin Wong

A social scientist by training, Stasha’s research interests centre around human-animal interactions, the lived emotional experiences of persons living with extraordinary conditions, and persons who are care-givers (of both humans and non-human animals). Her masters dissertation investigated the lived experiences of street-level bureaucrats involved in care work. Its findings draw from extensive ethnographic fieldwork with a team of officers implementing Singapore’s nationwide Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage programme, a public service aimed at the humane control of Singapore’s stray dog population.


From 2014 to 2020, Stasha was the coordinator for SOSD’s Healing Paws, an animal-assisted activities initiative run by a local animal welfare charity, SOSD. At its peak, Healing Paws comprised over 75 volunteer teams serving the beneficiaries of up to 11 different partner organisations on a monthly basis. During that time, Stasha also served on the managing committee of SOSD, first as its Secretary and then as Head of Department for Education and Outreach.


Stasha is currently enrolled in the Animals and Human Health Certificate course at the Institute of Human-Animal Connection, University of Denver.