choose aaisg?

Compared to other organisations in the field:

  1. Our collective expertise, qualifications, experience, and access to international resources cannot be rivalled.
  2. We are able to provide reliable, regular, and long-term services, allowing for clients to develop deep and long-lasting relationships with our teams. This allows clients to receive the greatest amount of benefit from the human-animal bond, as compared with ad-hoc or once-off services.
  3. We are able to work closely with you to customise programmes in consultation with leading international experts to meet your specific needs and desired outcomes.
  4. We put in place robust risk management measures based on international standards and practices to protect our clients, handlers and dogs. 
  5. We charge fees for the programmes that we provide, knowing that our price reflects the quality of professionalism and care that we are prepared to deliver.


*Please note that aaisg’s accreditation system only certifies our members to participate in animal-assisted interactions and interventions as approved by aaisg.

We take great care in designing programmes, and matching our handler dog teams to appropriate facilities and beneficiaries. Therefore, aaisg will not be held responsible for persons and their animals who participate in animal-assisted interventions or interactions that have not been formally approved by aaisg.