An employee well-being programme with our Caring Canines! Say goodbye to traditional lunch talks and workshops, and say hello to a fun and heartwarming experience with our furry friends!
Wooffice Wellness
Our "branch managers" would love to meet you!

Our “Wooffice Wellness” programme brings our Caring Canine Teams to your place of work to improve emotional and mental well-being, and to help facilitate social connections between staff!


Why bring "Wooffice Wellness" into your workplace?
  1. Meet organisation goals for creating a healthier workplace
  2. Reduce stress and anxiety for employees
  3. Increase employee productivity and engagement
  4. An affordable, fun and easy way of promoting an atmosphere of contentedness
What our Caring Canine Teams will bring to your workplace

1. Improved social connections – Our dogs bring your employees together by facilitating social interactions, which influences the workplace at a macro level

2. Improved emotional and mental well-being of your employees – The presence of our dogs provides a calming and relaxing workplace environment, and interacting with our dogs helps to reduce stress levels and anxiety

Branch Managers

You may book a session for up to 90 minutes. The number of canine teams attending would depend on the size of your event and existing COVID-19 measures.


Please reach out to us at for more information on our pricing structure.

What happens during a session?

During this time, participants will have the opportunity to take a break from the usual lunch talks and workshops and instead spend quality time with our wonderful canine friends. Our well-trained Caring Canines are here to provide comfort and joy, and participants can freely interact with them in various ways. They can pet them, feed them treats, brush them, take them for walks, and even watch them show off their unique talents.

It’s a chance to relax, de-stress, and enjoy the companionship of these amazing dogs. Say goodbye to traditional lunch talks and workshops, and say hello to a fun and heartwarming experience with our furry friends!

How is this different from bringing our own pet dogs to work?

While having a furry friend by your side can be incredibly comforting, not all pet dogs are suitable for animal-assisted programmes, and bringing your own dog to work may not be the best idea. That’s why engaging aaisg to provide such services for your office can be a wonderful option!

Firstly, aaisg specialises in training and accrediting dogs that are well-behaved, and specifically trained to provide comfort and support in various settings, including offices. Our Caring Canines undergo rigorous temperament testing and are trained to handle stressful situations with calmness and gentleness, making them ideal companions for employees in need of emotional support.

Secondly, our Wooffice Wellness programme is tailored to meet the unique needs of your office environment. We work closely with you to understand your company’s policies, regulations, and any specific requirements. Our trained Caring Canines are accustomed to working in professional settings and creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere without disrupting the workplace.

Moreover, our Wooffice Wellness programme is designed to prioritise the comfort and safety of all employees. We ensure that our Caring Canines are well-groomed, and up-to-date with vaccinations, minimising any potential allergy or health concerns. We also have liability insurance coverage!

What if there are individuals in the programme who are allergic or afraid of dogs?

As a responsible and inclusive company, we consider factors such as comfort levels with dogs and allergies when providing our services for the office.

Our Caring Canines are carefully selected and trained for calm and gentle temperament, and our handlers ensure proper behaviour and etiquette during interactions. We work closely with you to identify any employees with fears or allergies and take measures to minimise their exposure, including designated dog-free zones or scheduled visits.

Our Caring Canines are kept clean and well-groomed to minimise allergens, and we provide education to alleviate fear or anxiety.

Employee comfort and safety are our priorities, and we are open to discussing concerns and finding solutions that meet your office’s needs. Please feel free to discuss any concerns with us, and we will work together to provide a solution that prioritises your employees’ well-being.

Will the dogs make a mess of the place?

As a responsible animal-assisted service provider, we ensure that our well-trained and well-behaved Caring Canines do not create messes in the workplace.

We establish clear guidelines and protocols for our visits, require all dogs to do their business just before the start of a session, and closely supervise the dogs during their visits and take them out for breaks when necessary. Our handlers are equipped to address any issues that may arise, and we prioritise maintaining a clean and professional environment during our visits.

Your office’s cleanliness and professionalism are important to us, and we take steps to ensure that our Caring Canines positively contribute to your workplace environment.

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Wooffice Wellness
Say goodbye to traditional lunch talks and workshops, and say hello to a fun and heartwarming experience with our furry friends!
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