Ho Shu Huang, Chairperson, Nee Soon South Wellbeing
Wellness programmes for seniors and caregivers

In 2023, Nee Soon South began exploring community mental health initiatives involving nature and animals. This is a new area of focus so we had to make fresh plans, establish new networks and assess the resources available.

The increased awareness of the importance of mental health has resulted in a surge of resources available. A “happy problem” of assessing suitable partners from a pool of many providers, particularly in those providing mental wellness activities involving animals, has emerged. Many claim to conduct “animal therapy” without any credible evidence beyond photos and anecdotes.

aaisg has been a valued partner in not only helping us run programmes but in also educating us in how sustainable animal-assisted interactions for mental wellbeing is professionally and ethically done. In 3 months they have partnered with Nee Soon South to organise 2 community events and we have more planned in future.


As a social enterprise, aaisg:


In social value, aaisg:


In general, aaisg’s social focus may not be as mainstream or visible as many others but it is not any less impactful. We at Nee Soon South have been impressed by aaisg’s dedication and professionalism for a lesser known cause.